Monday, June 26, 2017

Books for indigent artists

I read a lot, on a very limited budget. Very. So, I have become quite a shopper, looking for used books of merit and rock-bottom remainders. My idea is to not pay more than $3.00, with $1.00 being the sweet spot. And because I have little interest in books by grocery store authors, I have to work twice as hard to find works I want to read. Yes, I know there are free eBooks all over the internet, but to me those aren't really books, they're textual video programs. I prefer to avoid the glowing rectangle, in favor of ink on paper. EBooks are like Boneless Chicken Wings: not really like the original at all, but shamelessly borrowing the name. And I myself have eBooks for sale, somewhere. I withdrew most of them but they're harder to get rid of than to write.

You might be surprised to find that Dollar Tree and other stores with the $1 price point are excellent sources of books, particularly hard cover books that used book stores now avoid.

Here's a list of some  DOLLAR TREE BOOKS I bought. Please click on each hyperlink to see reviews and other information.

The GUTS---Roddy Doyle

The Childhood of Jesus---J.M. Coetzee

Two of the latest Easy Rawlins novels, Ruby Gold and Little Green---Walter Mosely

Freedom---Jonathan Franzen (didn't buy, already had. Have to give it a second chance.)

The Black-Eyed Blonde--Benjamin Black (John Banville)

Tenth of December---George Saunders

Consider The Lobster, Both Flesh And Not ---David Foster Wallace

In Paradise---Peter Matthiessen

There are also short story collections by T.C.Boyle and Jonathan Lethem I have my eyes on, and Nathan Englander's last book. There are others I've bought and given away but this is a good representative list of what can be found. And Dollar Trees also carry Pears Transparent Soap, the favorite of Michael Ondaatje.