Sunday, August 13, 2017

Random notes

While visiting my sister in St Petersburg, I found Wilson's Book World on 9th Street (now MLK Blvd) and 24th, a store I'd heard much about. Inside, treasure wall to wall. Beside the usual rows of popular grocery store novels, there is one of the best collections of literary criticism and writing I have encountered outside a major library. After a half hour of soaking up the antique shop atmosphere and reading book spines on the well-organized shelves, I found three. A rare find, its top covered in bookshelf dust, Stuart Gilbert's Letters of James Joyce, published before the Ellman biography and one of its major sources. A paperback of Ivan Turgenev's Fathers and Sons. I remember Hemingway commenting somewhere that he learned about writing from reading Turgenev, though I think he was referring to the short story collection A Sportman's Sketches. And on a display of new acquisitions, Will In The World, the wonderful (nearly)new biography of Shakespeare by scholar and professor Stephen Greenblatt. At checkout, I talked about used book stores like Kendall Book Exchange with Wilson's owner Jeff Morris (His mother Helen Wilson started the store). My total price was twenty-five dollars but I only had a twenty, a not-unusual circumstance. So Jeff charged me for the Joyce Letters and Will/World and gave me the Turganev, an offer I could not refuse. Twenty dollars well spent. If you go to Tampa Bay and the Gulf Beaches, take a ride to Wilson's and relax and enjoy.

See the store here:  (Click the highlighted words to see the hyperlinks)

Friday, July 14, 2017

$1 Book Sale at Tea'N'Sanity/Kendall Book Exchange

There is a huge $1 a book sale at Kendall Book Exchange, which is the alt name for Tea'N'Sanity, in Kendall. There is a great selection of every kind of book, from literary novels to grocery store best-sellers, as well as Spanish language, childrens, YMA and they are also selling out a large collection of DVDs. Eunice and Manny also offer the best selection of herbal teas in the area, as well as many speciality homeopathic concoctions for what ails you. The store is located behind the Wendy's on SW 120th Street and Sw 131 Avenue. Truly a nice selection, great prices, wonderful tea. Buy 10 books, get one free. And the money goes to an animal protection charity. The sale is 10AM till 4PM this Saturday. Check out their flyer. They are the last used book store in Miami.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

New Jitney Books Launch

While I've been away on medical leave, the world has gone on without me. The folks at Jitney Books have another new author book launch party scheduled, and we want to get the word out.

Luis Garcia will be reading from his short story collection, Missing. There will be DJ sets and a performance as well. Sunday July 16 at Gramps, 176 NW 24th Street Miami.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Books for indigent artists

I read a lot, on a very limited budget. Very. So, I have become quite a shopper, looking for used books of merit and rock-bottom remainders. My idea is to not pay more than $3.00, with $1.00 being the sweet spot. And because I have little interest in books by grocery store authors, I have to work twice as hard to find works I want to read. Yes, I know there are free eBooks all over the internet, but to me those aren't really books, they're textual video programs. I prefer to avoid the glowing rectangle, in favor of ink on paper. EBooks are like Boneless Chicken Wings: not really like the original at all, but shamelessly borrowing the name. And I myself have eBooks for sale, somewhere. I withdrew most of them but they're harder to get rid of than to write.

You might be surprised to find that Dollar Tree and other stores with the $1 price point are excellent sources of books, particularly hard cover books that used book stores now avoid.

Here's a list of some  DOLLAR TREE BOOKS I bought. Please click on each hyperlink to see reviews and other information.

The GUTS---Roddy Doyle

The Childhood of Jesus---J.M. Coetzee

Two of the latest Easy Rawlins novels, Ruby Gold and Little Green---Walter Mosely

Freedom---Jonathan Franzen (didn't buy, already had. Have to give it a second chance.)

The Black-Eyed Blonde--Benjamin Black (John Banville)

Tenth of December---George Saunders

Consider The Lobster, Both Flesh And Not ---David Foster Wallace

In Paradise---Peter Matthiessen

There are also short story collections by T.C.Boyle and Jonathan Lethem I have my eyes on, and Nathan Englander's last book. There are others I've bought and given away but this is a good representative list of what can be found. And Dollar Trees also carry Pears Transparent Soap, the favorite of Michael Ondaatje.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Books and Books now open in Pinecrest

"Thank you for the warm welcome to the neighborhood, Suniland Shopping CenterBooks & Books fans, be sure to visit us at 11297 South Dixie Highway in Pinecrest. #booksandbookssuniland"

Monday, May 8, 2017

The Miami Book Fair is sponsoring a contest for Novellas (17,000 to 40,000 words) with terrific prizes and recognition for the winners. Jan Becker, author of The Sunshine Chronicles and media publicist for the Miami Book Fair, sent us the info:

The Miami Book Fair, the nation’s finest and largest literary gathering, presented by Miami Dade College, has partnered with The de Groot Foundation to launch the Miami Book Fair/De Groot Prize to be awarded to an author for an unpublished novella.

The Prizes
The winner of the Miami Book Fair/de Groot Prize will receive a $6,000 cash award, publication by Melville House, a critically acclaimed independent press, an expense-paid (hotel, travel, per diem) trip to the Miami Book Fair after publication, and a chance to read/participate in programs at the fair. The two runners-up will each receive $2,000, an expense-paid (hotel, travel, per diem) trip to the Miami Book Fair, and a chance to read/participate in programs at the Fair. The three winners' work will be publicized in print and online media.
Prize Timeline
  • Submissions will be received beginning May 1, 2017
  • All submissions must be received online and paid for by midnight EST on June 15, 2017
  • The three finalists will be notified once the jury has made its decision on or before October 20, 2017.
  • The winners of the Miami Book Fair/de Groot Prize will be publicly announced on or before November 1, 2017

Sunday, April 30, 2017