Thursday, January 12, 2017


Miami has a great literary tradition.There are well-established Creative Writing programs at Florida International University, and at the University of Miami, and Miami Dade College actively hosts Miami Book Fair in conjunction with Books&Books owner Mitchell Kaplan. The Miami Book Fair is probably the largest book fair in the South, and draws visitors (and writers) from around the world. Books&Books is the number one independent bookstore in America, and has recently expanded into the Caribbean islands as well.

I want this blog to be a central site for local news about writers, their works, their projects, and how to get their books to read. The other day I was startled walking through Barnes&Noble to see how few books by local authors are offered, and found none as featured products, though I know several Miami area writers have new releases. These books are available. This blog will help you find them. I'll also post Author Events, Book Fair news, educational opportunities, promotions, and all the lit news that fits.

I myself am a writer, and have experience with eBooks and with self-publishing of a novel and a short story collection. The self-pub industry is huge, treacherous, and worth a few posts on my experiences with Amazon and with Smashwords, the two largest distributors of self-published work. I currently have an inactive blog and a Facebook page, both titled Smashwords Books Reviewed, where I encourage the self-pub writers to make their own reviews. If you have any experience reading self-published authors, you'll know why I stopped after a very short time. There are more self-published writers out there than there are readers.Re-writing and editing are not their strong suits. The few good writers get lost in the huge pile of not-very-good writers, and buying reviews to move up the Amazon sale chart is standard practice. I stopped writing all together for several years after my self-pub experience. But now I'm back, with a new perspective. And my next book will sold to a brick and mortar publisher, even if I have to re-write 100 times.

Welcome. Send me your news. Let's have some fun.