Friday, January 13, 2017

Now that I have a domain name, I'm looking to build a website to connect to this blog. All the ads you see for free and easy website building, you'd think it would be free and easy, but it's not. But first I need to work on design. And project focus.

Like: Who are the Miami writers and what are their books, articles, movies, web videos, etc.?

My plan is to have a list of writers I know or know of or would like to know or wish I had known.

List: John Dufresne, Les Standiford, Lynne Barrett, Mike Creeden, Louis K. Lowy, Nina Romano, Leonard Nash, Gonzalo Barr, Denise Duhamel, Campbell McGrath, James W. Hall, Cindy Chinelly,
Neil Plakcy, Preston Allen, the late Barbara Parker. This is a partial list with a FIU connection.

Now I will add hyperlinks to each of their individual websites. Click on each name to go there.

That took about half an hour. What I want is to have photographs of each, and hyperlinks from there. And interviews. I need to get the email addresses of everyone, establish a format of interviews, (I prefer written questions and answers as more accurate---after all, we're all writers), and then establish a link to places where someone can actually purchase or read the author's work. Not every reader will be able to go to Books&Books, for example, though most will want to do so. Or they will not know that John Dufresne has written the scripts for the online video series, Lucky Jay Or that Les Standiford's book The Man Who Invented Christmas is being made into a movie. Or that Louis K. Lowy will have his book launch for his third novel To Dream: Anatomy of a Humachine January 28 at Books&Books in Coral Gables. That's the info I want to get out to the world.

Here's my info: Neil Crabtree

By linking to Amazon Author Page, you can see I have a lot of work to do. It looks awful. But you can also my two books for sale, Believable Lies and The Barricades of Heaven .